Posted on August 11, 2014


The Reason I Stopped Writing…

Why I Stopped Writing

I started blogging somewhere around 2006. I had just bought a domain called “” and I wanted to dive into blogging right away. I learned how to setup a blog on blogspot and I was well on my way. I started writing regularly. I had a vibrant community and people actually cared what I wrote about. I was blogging about blogging while learning how to blog. It was awesome.

Back then I was going to college and I was working 12 hour night shifts at a factory to make ends meet. Then after I came home, I would read about WordPress, blogging, SEO, Social Media and online marketing. And I shared what I learned.

I made some amazing friends – some I have lost touch with and some we are still good friends. One of the person who has impacted me in a huge way is Jon (Everything I know now is because of you. Your constant push and telling me to keep doing even when I felt like quitting was the push I needed back then. Thank you!).

Back then cash was tight. I needed some money and the blog wasn’t generating much money. So I sold it for $2,500. It felt like a big success back then. Then I started writing on different blogs and so on.

I started getting better at marketing. I was delivering results both on social media and SEO ends so that’s where I focused.

Fast forward to 2011, I decided I want to stop working as a freelancer and setup my own shop and oBizMedia was born.

I loved to write. It was relaxing. It felt great to let out what I had in mind. But then, I stopped. Completely. I would feel like writing but I couldn’t put my finger to type my thoughts onto the screen.

The biggest reason I stopped writing was because of fear. English isn’t my first language and plenty of times I have been pointed out my grammatical errors. It didn’t matter to me before and I was making a livelihood writing about different things, but all of a sudden this fear paralyzed me. I quit cold turkey.

What if someone points out my typos? What if someone doesn’t agree with what I have to say? What if what I am writing about doesn’t really matter? What if what I think I know is wrong? All these thoughts really started to get to me and I stopped writing. And for the past 3-4 years I have had the hardest time writing. I have tried to break out of it plenty of times but everytime I froze.

I am challenging myself to write at least one post everyday. Whether it be here or on oBizMedia blog, I need to write. I need to express and I need to share what I know no matter how insignificant it may be at times.

Over the years I have grown. I have gone through a divorce and I have remarried. I started a business. I got a dog. I have visited Nepal 3 times since 2012. I would love to share about all these things and see if it connects with anyone. Not because I want to be read, but simply because I want to write about all these different experiences. It truly is therapeutic.

Fear was the reason I stopped writing and when I think about it, that was quite irrational. If you have fallen victim to this, let me tell you – don’t stop. Type away and share what you want to share. Writing is very therapeutic and right now I feel quite good. I hope to continue writing on different subjects and hopefully break out of this rut which has ran a bit too long.

Here’s to writing. Here’s to sharing. Here’s to feeling good.


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Posted on July 9, 2014


Infographics and Content Marketing


As someone who has been running an infographic agency for the past 3 years, I have been able to observe how people perceive infographics from a content marketing standpoint.

Most of our clients are repeat clients and infographics aren’t their only weapon and hope in their content marketing arsenal. They use infographics as a tool, not the only tool. They use it regularly and if they weren’t seeing results I am sure they wouldn’t be spending money on it. The reason it’s working out for them is because they understand the content marketing side of things – it’s not about a one hit wonder but to make sure to continuously produce infographics along with other content type – articles, videos, presentations, etc. Infographics are part of the strategy and not the only strategy.

For some reason, there’s this notion that an infographic is some kind of mythical unicorn that pisses pixie dust and makes everything go viral. Well, it won’t.

If you are going to use infographics, make it a part of a broader plan. Make it a part of your overall content marketing strategy rather than depending solely on infographics. And if you are going to give infographics a shot, don’t be surprised if the first one you create doesn’t do so well. The key is to build a following and not just fly by traffic and that takes time.

So to all who think infographics are this secret weapon that will win the content marketing battle for you, you are wrong. Infographics can be an integral part of your strategy but there needs to be a balance between infographics and other types of content. And you know what, maybe infographics doesn’t need to be a part of your strategy at all. The moment you fall victim to the “we are doing it cause everyone is doing it” is the time you need to take a look at your approach.


Posted on February 12, 2014


Your Best Quality is Often Your Worst

This is purely my observation and how I think. I find that too often a person’s best quality also tends to be their worst.

For example: I am very impatient and that is admittedly one of my worst qualities. However, the same quality helps me try new things without over thinking it. Let’s say I have a concept and I think it will work. My impatience becomes a blessing because I jump head first, give it a go and if I fail, I learn. But I try! Then again, being impatient gets me into a lot of trouble as well.

If someone asked me what would be my best and worst quality, my answer would be – that I am impatient.

Let’s take another example. Think of someone who says things without thinking. You know, the kind of person who says what is on his mind without thinking how it will affect the other person. That’s a damn good quality in a person because no matter what, you know for a fact you are going to get an honest answer/opinion. Now let’s look at it from another angle. This same quality can be quite off putting in a social situation where at times you have to bite your tongue and say what someone else wants to hear. Again, to me – this is both the best and worst quality of that person.


Posted on February 11, 2014


Knowing Too Much Is Toxic

Knowledge that you can’t put into use to do good for yourself or others is pointless. Web is such a giant tangled mix of info and most of us are getting sucked into it. We read and read and read without getting any real life implications out of it.


Productivity articles: There are so many out there that most people are reading which in itself would be considered being unproductive. Instead of reading articles on productivity, you could actually do something, like, you know, be productive.

Start-Ups: So many articles on what to do and what not to do when building a start-up. If you want to follow someone else’s path through out, why even try and start your own company? Might as well work for someone else.

Social Media: You know it. I know it. The key to social media is engaging. But we still keep reading the revised version of the same thing over and over again.

There are plenty of examples out there. But really, what are we doing with this knowledge. Is it helping us or hurting us?


Posted on February 10, 2014

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The Worst Thing You Could Do To Yourself (in business or relationship)…

is be comfortable.

Being comfortable is just a way of saying we are certain of something while living in a world of uncertainty. Don’t lie to yourself.

When things aren’t going great, push hard. When things are going great, push harder.



Posted on February 9, 2014


Achieving Goals

Goals should motivate us. Having goals means we have motivation to do something. However, many of us focus so much on what we are doing to achieve that goal, it impacts us negatively. We think about things we are giving up, all the work we are putting in, etc. But, if we focus only on the goal itself and not the path we are taking to achieve that goal, it will be a lot easier.

Learn to look at the end of the tunnel where the light is shining and not the dark path you are taking to get to that light.

Stay positive. You’ll get there.


Posted on May 22, 2012


Entrepreneurs Should Be Dream Killers

If a dream stays a dream it’s nothing more than a dream. A dream should be a reality no matter how hard and impossible it sounds (depending on how logical your dream really is. If you want to grow cash on trees, that might stay a dream). In order to make it a reality, you need to

  1. Dream.
  2. Kill the dream by acting on it.
  3. Make it a reality.

Simple as that. Be a dreamer first, then a dream slayer.

Posted on May 21, 2012


Being a Nobody Is The Best Opportunity In Itself to Be Somebody

When you are a nobody

  1. no one expects much out of you.
  2. you are under the radar.
  3. your mistakes go unnoticed.
  4. no one expects you to prove yourself.
  5. you don’t have to worry about your reputation

Basically, you can keep making mistakes until you get it right. Being able to make mistakes without having to worry about consequences sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it?